Having a mental disorder does not automatically mean that a person is off-balance. There are various types of mental disorders that can afflict people and each one can be treated clinically.

Generally, you’ll know that you have a mental disorder when your mental state is  adversely affecting your daily routine and keeping you from completing regular tasks. We have prepared a list of  7 warning signs that will help you determine if you need to see clinical psychologist:

Irrational Fears–If you suddenly become anxiousfor no reason or with very small stimuli, then you should seek help. Anxiety usually comes with other mental disorders like depression.

Mood Swings–If your mood suddenly shifts from high to low without a clear cause, check the other circumstances carefully before asking help from a clinical psychologist.

You should also observe if you have difficulty in controlling your emotions such as anger or sadness.

Changes in Eating and Sleeping Habits – If you suddenly start eating a lot or have a sudden loss of appetite; monitor your weight. Drastic changes in weight may indicate you have an unhealthy mind and body.Changes in sleeping patterns, aside the ones caused by changing work schedules, can be another red flag.

Social Withdrawal – If you suddenly feel that you do not want to talk or mingle with your friends and family, this may indicate there is an issue. Mental disorders usually lead to loss of interest in things you previously loved.

Delusions–Delusions are a strong conviction of something despite the concrete, generally accepted evidence against the belief.Delusions are signs of psychosis. You should immediately ask for help when you experience this.

Behavior and Substance Addiction – Sex addiction and a thirst for gambling can be deleterious to one’s health. Additionally, abuse of substances such as-alcohol, cigarettes, and illegal drugs can be a sign and a cause of mental illness.
Addiction is characterized by a strong need to do or have something. Trying illegal drugs to please your friends does not equate to being a drug addict.
You will know that you are addicted to something when the absence of that behavior or substance causes fear, sadness, and even anger.
When you are already an addict, you cannot get out of the addiction on your own. You need to seek professional help.

Suicidal Thoughts and Attempts – Planning or attempting to take your own life is definitely not normal or healthy. If you have suicidal thoughts, you should consult a clinical psychologist immediately.

Aside from these signs, you might also notice problems in your physical health such as severe headaches or bowel irritability.