Summer Hair And Body Care

The summer season brings in heat, sweat, body odor, tan and much more. With ever-blazing sun you need to use some good skin care products to protect the body from heat and to look fresh. A simple sunscreen will not do the trick of protecting your body from the summer sun. Pack various summer essentials like mist, body lotion, sunscreen, deodorant and perfume along with good shampoo to survive the summer.


Carry a mist bottle to spray on your face to keep it cool in the hot months. It is perfect for the dry season and also to soothe the sun burns and rashes on the skin. A body lotion is a must to hydrate the body and to recharge the skin. Sunscreen is a must if you want to protect the skin from tan, burns and to give an even tone. Reapply the sunscreen after every few hours if you are exposed to the sun for longer duration. Feed your face with required coolness by carrying a fruit face wash to do away with the sweaty face.
The summer heat causes dehydration to the skin and pampering yourself with moisturizer prevents the skin from becoming dry. Moisturizer acts as a barrier by protecting the body from dullness and damage. Pick a water-based moisturizer enriched with Vitamin E to keep the skin soft and supple.

Pamper the hair:

With hot sun over the head, it becomes a must to wash the hair every other day to prevent clumpy hair. The build-up of sweat on the scalp can lead to irritation. It is better to use a clarifying shampoo to cleanse it gently without drying it of natural oils. Excess chlorine will lead to dry and brittle hair. A clarifying shampoo helps to remove chlorine from hair as summers are meant for swimming in pools and beaches.
Apart from dryness in summer months, humidity acts up making the hair frizzy. To restore the shine and bounce in hair, deep conditioners need to be applied after shampoo. Choose an anti-frizz shampoo to regain hair health instantly.

Get rid of body odor:

The inevitable summer heat brings along with it, sweat and body odor problems. Use a body mist or perfume to smell fragrant. Floral perfumes will make you feel light and smell fresh. Go for a roll-on deodorant to keep the perspiration near under arms at bay during the day.
Nuke Sun Eau Delicious Perfume has a floral fruity fragrance which smells like summer in a bottle. The smell of the perfume is addictive and captures the essence of flavors like vanilla, citrus, floral, and coconut. It lasts for longer duration and keeps the body odors at bay. Based on your favorite scents, pick a lemongrass perfume or rose scented one to carry the fragrance with you throughout the day. A little tip to follow while using perfumes is not to spray it on clothes but on the skin. Choose the pulse points like wrist, neck and behind the ear to get the lingering scent.